اللهم جازنا بالحسنات احسانا وبالسيئات عفوا وغفرانا

O’ Allah reward on our Hasanaat the best, and on Sayi’aat pardon and grant forgiveness

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah

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Al Hasanaat - الحسنات - The Good Deeds: Hasanaat Of The Ten Golden Days:

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Reality of this World and Death

                                                بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم  

I've nothing worthy to say about the reality of this world and death but here I've a qaseedah to share which put this reality in words so awesomely that it'll just get you carried away.. If you've got an alive Heart, you won't be able to help tears trickle down from your eyes.. 

It can be understood and felt in depth if you've good understanding of Arabic language.. anyway I got the translation so putted it line to line, I hope so it'll be helpful though it may not suffice to have that much depth ..       

I think, I must ask you to listen this qaseedah by my most favorite Monshid  Meshary bin Rashed Al-'Afasy
It's in two parts.. Click Here! Part-1 , Part-2

Reality of this World and Life is Death..
and most of us don't know that..
The actual stranger is not the one who is strange to this world but the actual stranger is the one who is strange to the Death, how it comes and take everything away; this world , this life and everything except the good deeds done following Allah Almighty SWT and His Prophet Mohammed (P.BU.H),to seek the countenance of Almighty Allah ..

قصيدة لزين الدين العابدين علي بن الحسين

ليس الغريب غريب الشام واليمن .... إن الغريب غريب اللحد والكفن 
The stranger is not the stranger to Yemen or Shaam... But the stranger is the stranger to the grave and the coffin

إن الغريب له حق لغربته .... على المقيمين في الأوطان والسكن
Verily the stranger has rights for his absence... Over the residents of the dwellings & homelands

لا تنهرنَّ غريبا حال غربته..... الدهر ينهره بالذل والمحن
Don't chase away the out-lander in his state of unfamiliarity... For time is also chasing him with hardship and distress

سفري بعيد وزادي لن يبلغني..... وقوتي ضعفت والموت يطلبني
My travels are far and my provisions will not suffice me... My strength has weakened and death is calling unto me

ولي بقايا ذنوب لست أعلمها.... الله يعلمها في السر والعلن
I still have sins which I know not of... Allah knows of them; those made in secret and in manifest

ما أحلم الله عني حيث أمهلني.... وقد تماديت في ذنبي ويسترني
How merciful has Allah been to me by giving me respite... And I have increased in sins but Allah has always shielded me
تمرُّ ساعات أيامي بلا ندم.... ولا بكاء ولا خوفٍ ولا حَزَنِ
The hours of my days pass by without regret... No crying, no fear, no sadness

أنا الذي أُغلق الأبواب مجتهداً ... على المعاصي وعين الله تنظرني
I am the one who closes the doors with fatigue on disobedience... and The Eye of Allah watches over me

يا زلةً كُتبت في غفلة ذهبت... يا حسرةً بقيت في القلب تُحرقني
O that which was written in a moment of heedlessness... O the sorrow which remains in my heart is burning me

دعني أنوح على نفسي وأندبها.... وأقطع الدهر بالتذكير والحزَنِ
Leave me to bewail myself and weep... and pass the time in sadness and remembrance

دع عنك عذلي يا من كان يعذلني... لو كنت تعلم ما بي كنت تعذرني
Leave off your Blaming of me O Ye who do so... If you were but to know my situation you would have excused me
دعني أسحُّ دموعا لا انقطاع لها... فهل عسى عبرةٌ منها تُخلصني
Let me cry out tears that have no ending to them... for there will be no lesson that will set me free

كأنني بين جلِّ الأهل منطرحٌ .... على الفراش وأيديهم تُقلبني
It is As though I am with that family, lying... Upon the mattress with their hands turning me over

وقد تجمَّع حولي مَن ينوح ومن.... يبكي عليَّ وينعاني ويندبني
And gathered around me one who laments .. Who cries over me, announcing my death and one that moans
وقد أتوا بطبيب كي يُعالجني.... ولم أرَ الطب هذا اليوم ينفعني
And they came to me with a doctor that he may cure me... But of today I think no medicine will benefit me

واشتد نزعي وصار الموت يجذبها.... من كل عِرقٍ بلا رفق ولا هونِ
My sufferings increased and death began to pull at me... From every vein, without ease or comfort

واستخرج الروح مني في تغرغرها.... وصار ريقي مريرا حين غرغرني
My soul was then removed from me with a gurgle... And my saliva became bitter at that point

وقام من كان حِبَّ الناس في عجَلٍ....... نحو المغسل يأتيني يُغسلني
And he who was dearest to me got up in a hurry... To summon the person who was to wash me

وقال يا قوم نبعي غاسلا حذِقا... حرا أديبا عارفا فطِنِ
 He said: O my people we have attained a washer who is skillful, clever, bright and intelligent...

فجاءني رجلٌ منهم فجرَّدني .... من الثياب وأعراني وأفردني
 So then one of the men came and removed my clothing... He undressed me and denuded me

وأودعوني على الألواح منطرحا.... وصار فوقي خرير الماء ينظفني
They then placed me on top of a board... And the sound of water above me began to clean me

وأسكب الماء من فوقي وغسَّلني.. غَسلا ثلاثا ونادى القوم بالكفنِ 
He poured the water on top of me and washed me... Three times, before calling out to the people for the Shroud

وألبسوني ثيابا لا كِمام لها.... وصار زادي حنوطي حين حنَّطني
He poured the water on top of me and washed me... Three times, before calling out to the people for the Shroud

وأخرجوني من الدنيا فوا أسفا... على رحيلي بلا زاد يُبلغني
They Bore me towards my journey Out of this World, Oh How Sorrowful... Will be this journey for which I have no provisions to take along with me

وحمَّلوني على الأكتاف أربعةٌ ... من الرجال وخلفي منْ يشيعني
Upon their shoulders, they carried me... Four Men, and behind me are those who come to bid me farewell

وقدَّموني إلى المحراب وانصرفوا ... خلف الإمام فصلى ثم ودعني
They set me before the mihraab then turned away from me... Behind the Imaam they went and he prayed on me then bade me farewell

صلوا عليَّ صلاةً لا ركوع لها... ولا سجود لعل الله يرحمني
They prayed over me a prayer consisting of neither Rukoo nor Sujood... Asking that Allah may have Mercy upon me

وأنزلوني إلى قبري على مهل  وقدموا واحدا منهم يلحدني
They descended slowly in my grave ..And one of them came forward to help me file 

وكشَّف الثوب عن وجهي لينظرني.... وأسبل الدمع من عينيه أغرقني
He raised the garment from my face to gaze upon me... And the tears spilt from his eyes awashing me

فقام مُحترما بالعزم مُشتملا... وصفف اللبْن من فوقي وفارقني
Then he stood, honoring me, firm and resolute... And lined the bricks on my body then left me

وقال هُلواعليه الترب واغتنموا .... حسن الثواب من الرحمن ذي المنن
And he said Throw the dirt upon him and reap... The great rewards are from Ar-Rahmaan (The Most Merciful)

في ظلمة القبر لا أمٌ هناك ولا .... أبٌ شفيق ولا أخٌ يُؤنسني
In the darkness of the grave, no mother is there nor... Is there an affectionate father, or a brother to comfort me

وهالني صورةٌ في العين إذ نظرت...... من هول مطلع ما قد كان أدهشني
And a sight which beheld my eye struck terror into me... From a place of terror it came and startled me

من منكر ونكير ما أقول لهم...... قد هالني أمرهم جدا فأفزعني
Munkar and Nakeer, what shall I say to them?... The thought of them strikes fear into me

وأقعدوني وجدوا في سؤالهمُ ... ما لي سواك إلهي منْ يُخلصني
And they made me to sit and put forth their questions... I have none other Than You now O Lord to deliver me

فامنن عليَّ بعفوٍ منك يا أملي.... فإنني موثقٌ بالذنب مرتَهَنِ
So bestow upon me from your Mercy O Lord, How I hope in You... For verily I am fettered in my sins, I am confined by them

تقامم الأهل مالي بعدما انصرفوا...... وصار وزري على ظهري فأثقلني
The relatives have divided my wealth amongst them after leaving me... And my sins are now upon my back, burdening me

واستبدلت زوجتي بعلا لها بدلي... وحكَّمته على الأموال والسكن
My wife has taken another husband in my place... And she has appointed him as overseer over my wealth and my home

وصيَّرت ولدي عبدا ليخدمها.... وصار مالي لهم حلا بلا ثمنِ
She has made my children into servants to bid unto her needs... And my wealth has become to them a worthless means of enjoyment

فلا تغرنك الدنيا وزينتها..... وانظر إلى فعلها في الأهل والوطن
So let not this World and its adornments deceive you... And look at its (evil) effects in your family and homeland

وانظر إلى من حوى الدنيا بأجمعها.... هل راح منها بغير الحنظ والكفن 
And look at the one who collects the wealth of this Dunya (the world) in abundance... Will he depart from this world bearing other than the death shroud and embalmment?

يا زارع الخير تحصد بعده ثمرا .. يا زارع الشر موقوف على الوهن
O you who sows! Crops in the fruit...O you who sow evil! Thou shalt not rest on anything

خذ القناعة من دنياك وارضَ بها.... لو لم يكن لك إلا راحة البدن
Take from the dunya that which suffices you and be contented with that... Even if you were to have naught but good health

يا نفس كفي عن العصيان... واكتسبي فعلا جميلا لعل الله يرحمني
O soul of mine, Woe upon you! Turn towards your lord in Repentance, and do good... Deeds which are Beautiful, for which Allah may be merciful towards me

يانفسُ ويحكِ توبي واعملي حسنا... عسى تُجازين بعد الموت بالحسنِ
O soul of mine, abstain from sinning and attain instead... So that you will be recompensed after your death with that which is delightful

ثم الصلاة على المختار سيدنا ما .... وضأ البرق في شام وفي يمن
Lastly sending prayers upon the Chosen one, Our Sayyid (leader)...On what lightning illuminates the Chaam and Yemen
والحمد لله ممسينا ومصبحنا ... بالخير والعفو والإحسان والمنن
All praise is unto Allah, May he fill our days and nights with that which is Good, with forgiveness... With Ihsaan and Grace.

Thanks for your time..
Jazakom Allaho khayr!